real Conversations about the journey:

living with, learning from & thriving through anxiety

    acknowledge.  accept.  engage.  evolve.

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Outing Anxiety is a monthly interview style podcast that engages real people in conversations about their experience of anxiety and how they are becoming their greatest anyway. 


Anxiety is a mighty mask that expresses itself in many ways and usually smothers greatness. Shame, social/racial constructs, fear and poor self-image are so embedded in most of us that we are unaware of having the capacity to balance our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions. Living this way powerfully fuels anxiety. Many, however, use anxiety as their gateway to freedom because they have learned that how anxiety is perceived at any given time largely effects their growth/healing outcome.


The goal of the Outing Anxiety Podcast is to open up the discussion with people about how they live with, learn from and thrive through anxiety.


Guests will talk about their experiences related to self-esteem, race, intimacy, aging, fear, money, self-image, parenting, shame, familial dynamics, illness, work performance and many other topics in the context of anxiety. 

Wherever guests are on their journey to peace of mind, that’s what will be discussed because where they are is real for them and maybe you too. 

This podcast offers space to learn how to OUT anxiety through four steps (AAEE):

1. Acknowledge your humanity, as well as who you want to be,

2. Accept what is happening in the moment along with what you really want to experience in your life

3. Engage with your inner and outer world to learn about yourself and who you want to be, and finally

4. Evolve by continuously deciding who you want to be as you integrate strategies and lessons learned on      your journey  then  ... REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. 


Life is a journey!


These conversations show how being Proud of Your Life is always possible.



Isn't it time to live

with confidence, ease & peace?

Do you feel stuck, frustrated and confused about your life?  Are you tired of feeling afraid, insecure and worried so often?


Are you unsure how to get from right now to where we want to be?


It really doesn’t have to be this way.  Experiencing ease, confidence and calm are possible for you, not just everyone else.  


You may just need a guide.


Hi, I'm Nancy.



I believe in the development of human potential.  

I help you develop the capacities to live a peaceful & meaningful life. 


I deeply listen to you and allow you to get clear on what you really want, then help you turn it into REALITY.


What’s different about me? 

How can you trust that I can help you make measurable, positive change? 


I am a social worker who has tackled anxiety and mindset within myself.  I knew life had to be better than it was.  I've also helped numerous committed clients in my career discover confidence, ease and peace.


One client described me as a, “bulldog with a heart” because I am fully engaged, ask tough questions and support you in discovering your own answers.  Once we both say yes to working together, I am your coach.  I believe in your potential and help you to experience it.


Your evolving life is

   your greatest project ...

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly.

T. Francis de Sales

I am your cheerleader,

     your challenger, your catalyst.


Clients say...

"Nancy leaves you seen, understood, and driven to take action"

Nancy is one rare soul.  It is difficult to find someone that combines such a level compassion, insight, intuition, and directness into one session that both leaves you seen, understood, and driven to take action. Challenges that I had been struggling with for years that I had paid countless dollars and professionals to address, she was able to tackle in a mere few sessions.  She is your coach, your advocate, and your guide that truly sees you and the potential in you!



"She got to the essence ... and crafted a plan personally designed for me"

My life was at a point where I felt insecure and left thinking I was in the wrong profession.  I had decided to question my true passion and pursue something safe and stable.  Nancy got to the essence of what was preventing me from moving forward and crafted a plan personally designed for me.  She gave me the courage, support and belief to move forward.  Nancy is an amazing listener, non-judgemental and a remarkable synthesizer of a great deal of information.



"She helped me make sense of my patterns ... so I could choose another direction"

The hours I have spent with Nancy took me far beyond observing my patterns, such that I could go far back to their painful cause.  With Nancy’s help, I was able to make sense of these behaviors and to understand what they meant.  I also saw that these patterns had worn a groove, as it were, in my thinking, which I could fill in with forgiveness and acceptance, so that I could choose another direction!  My time with Nancy has been nothing short of liberating!



outing anxiety

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