Reminding audiences of who they really are,

and who they can become!

Nancy ignites people to both start and continue designing lives that matter — from bankers, teachers, doctors, to new entrepreneurs. 


Inspire your audience... 

to know their values, realize their vision, and live their impact.


Nancy conducts a pre-analysis of your specific event and audience needs, before customizing her speaking experience for your particular audience.




Coaching is a powerful partnership.

We create a rich and vivid vision of what you'd like to create for yourself.

We look at where you've settled and compromised on what's most important to you. 

We explore where fear, doubt, and self-sabotage get in your way towards real meaning and purpose.

We craft a plan for you to turn those dreams into reality!


I am here ...

  • to hold you accountable to your deepest desires and values

  • to see your brilliance and capability, even when you forget

  • to help you boldly align with who you truly are — without apology

  • to help you design a life you are proud of living  sharing



You will:

  • Know what matters to you

  • Realize how your thoughts, feelings and reactions impact your situation

  • Become aware of how you engage in your environment 

  • Clarify your values and desires

  • Develop and implement a plan that supports YOUR life vision



You will:

  • Clarify one challenging aspect of your life

  • Realize how your thoughts, feelings and reactions impact your situation

  • Develop plan to move forward based on your deepest value

Igniting audiences to 

design & live lives that matter...


what clients are saying

In a nutshell, Nancy is like a bulldog with a heart!


Once she sinks her teeth in, she holds the vision of what you want to be until you can hold it yourself. No matter how much you twist or turn or dodge or pull, she’s right there with you. Holding your vision, and holding you accountable to courageous action. Until one day, you look in the mirror and you see yourself as you always wanted to be. And there is Nancy in the background, smiling as she finally lets go!

Deidre H.

Education Entrepreneur


I'm Ready!




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